Toolbelt update

2016 is coming to an end. Time to reflect on the tools that made a difference in our e-commerce ventures.

3 new tools join our default stack and will be installed for any new projects.

  1. Drift is a live-chat system for your site. It supports multi users and don’t offer too many options (which we appreciate). Visitors dig the live interaction, reactivity and getting answers before making a decision. Intercom is another option (we haven’t played with it but lots of people seems happy with it).

  2. Skylight provides data insights for Rails applications. Since we are a Ruby on Rails shop this comes handy when comes time to get a second opinion on your implementation against production traffic. Nice UI, well-thought features and the weekly report challenges you to increase the speed of your applications week after week.

  3. Heap Analytics automates away the annoying parts of user analytics by tracking it all. This means that you don’t need to turn on specific user actions after feature launch. You get immediate feedback, stats and graphs with easy-to-build funnels.

Check them out, and maybe you too will start recommend these tools.