Form endpoint for programmers and designers

Formtastic is a form endpoint for developers and designers you can use for any kind of forms: contact form, employment form, customer appreciation, survey…

Create a form for the web as you’re used to but direct submissions to us. We provide a backend with all submissions received. No more sending to your email account, no iframe and you keep control of design and markup (use any front-end framework such as Bootstrap forms or Foundation forms to get started quickly).

We fight SPAM and we’ll try to find sender’s avatar.

Download data anytime as CSV or JSON.

Formtastic is another component of the productivity toolbox for freelancers and teams that we’re building.

It fits great with any Single Page Applications or static websites. Hint, give access to clients/managers and they will be able to manage it from one place.

** Will eventually be renamed since already in use by other IT projects.