Logcamp is a global monitoring tool with many facets. It is meant to handle various use cases in your web application, such as analytics, reporting, auditing, logging, or even customer support.

Logcamp has built-in collaboration functions, so you can invite team users, client or partners. Everyone will then be able to view recent events, search for actions undertaken by any user, or simply tracking marketing newsletters sent.

Send any type of events (new user registered, payment received, support ticket closed, cron job triggered, exception, played video, new level reached …). You decide what to track and when to alert team members. Customize email notifications for each event, group events by severity to get things organized and focus on what matters the most. Build custom dynamic search to easily access and monitor specific type of events.

Logcamp is another block of the productivity tools for freelancers and teams that we’re building.

For now, we provide a ruby gem to integrate in your project. Check out project documentation on GitHub.