Central ID an OAuth2 provider for your apps

Central ID is an OAuth 2 provider application for business apps. It lets you empower a strong, open and secure mechanism to authenticate users in your application.

Very similar to Facebook, Twitter, or Google apps login for example. Central ID is meant for client projects or your own projects as a way to provide central identification. Big companies rely on corporate directories, we rely on Central ID. It doesn’t replace standard user authentication through a login form but complements it.

Whether you decide to use it for your end users or internally, you will be able to benefit from single sign-on (SSO) and being able managing online identity from a central place. Not to mention you can revoke access anytime to any application.

Let’s face it, building login and sign up functions over and over is not fun. Time to question ourselves and  improve things. As a Business/Agency/Freelancer you operate/manage various systems, Central ID lets you consolidate users and identity management while making things easier for end users (no more ‘whats my password again’).

For now, we provide a ruby gem to integrate in your project. Check out project documentation on GitHub to support OAuth in Ruby on Rails project.