eCommerce Record Store

Following our previous post about Commerce as a Service solution (CaaS), we’d like to introduce another term for the modern Business Owner.

The acronym CRS stands for Commerce Record Store. A Commerce Record Store is deeply influenced by Education, where most universities move to competency-based evaluation, especially Medical Education. Students, fellows, residents all learn in different context (online learning modules, hospital, monitored procedures, residency…). The challenge is to detect when student will master all sort of competencies based on learning objectives, but also to evaluate student against his/her peers. How many repetitions does it take to master a given procedure? A year 2 student usually start mastering procedure XYZ after 6 attempts…

Same goes with e-commerce. Sales and orders come from multiple sources. Multi-canal activity through various channels has been a hot topic since merchants try to move their different solutions to a unified system bringing statistics and service continuity to their clients no matter how they shop (in-store, mobile, desktop, referral…).

This led to the development of a plethora of solutions, then came the Web API revolution to exchange data between these solutions. However there is one common factor to all these e-commerce system. They all let you track orders since it is the ultimate goal for the e-merchant. However and since orders come from multiple sources it makes sense to be able to compare these orders. You may want to replace your online store platform in future but still need to access historical data in a dynamic way where you can see patterns, evolutions and trends.

This is where an e-Commerce Record store makes all sense. Replace store front / shop window but keeps what matters for the long run, namely data, while providing deep  statistics to marketers.

Stay tuned for more e-commerce.