Mixture review, a front-end development tool for designers and developers

Mixture is a front-end development tool designed to make your life easier (another one). However Mixture really deserves your attention. Let me walk you through how we empowered its capacities to build a very simple website.

The objective

We’ve leveraged a couple of Mixture specific snippets such as the site map function which lets you build navigation elements (using the model data mixture.sitemap)

After a few iterations, we re-used models and included shared data on different blocks to remain DRY

What we like


We don’t code many static sites but Mixture is now part of our workflow. We can’t wait to use it in conjunction of Macaw another very promising web design tool.

We like open-source technology, however for certain elements we leveraged Mixture own magic (navigation). It would be great not to have to so when we change tool it just continues to work. We could have done it without Mixture but more code and since there was no time to waste

By the way, you can publish a live copy of your site on Mixture servers for fast prototype and client feedback in 1-click only.