Summer is here...but no slowdown yet

“Pas de nouvelles, bonne nouvelle” comme le veut le proverbe. We’re working on a bunch of online stores at once. This keeps us crazy busy therefore we decided to postpone launch to the early days of September to go over the latest details.

Building e-commerce is one thing, making it successful is another. One of the top concerns when comes time to evaluate a new project is ‘how motivated the person is’. Technology is easy and accessible, sales require time and non-stop effort. Finding your first clients early will really determine the success of your venture, but this is just the beginning, to make it profitable you will really need to find quite a few others. That’s where determination and motivation comes into play and ultimately will shape the future of your online store. We apply the same principle to the opportunities we receive.

In light of our latest posts ( E-commerce delegation) we have been considering 2 things: