Introducing Timehub an invoicing solution for GitHub

As many of you we spend a good portion of our time on GitHub, the git-backed repository system. For those of you who have never heard about GitHub, check it out as they just passed the 3 millions users mark.

Timehub was born out of a personal need. Our collaborators need to submit time-based invoices. Coding time. Instead of going through the traditional invoicing cycle (how much time I spent?, what’s the rate?, when was the last invoice submitted?, I’m programmer how to send good-looking invoice…) we came up with this solution that relies on GitHub. Here is how it works.

Sign in with your GitHub account to get started. We will load your repositories and commits. You simply need to annotate commits message with the time you spend and we take care of the rest. From there, select which commits to include and we will generate the invoice for you. You can even send the invoice by email or download as PDF. Easy, isn’t it?

We support a variety of formats to add time to your commit.

Questions? Suggestions? Projectlog for a more complete invoicing & billing application with accounting functions for consultant and freelancer.

Update January, 2015: Timehub is now retired.