Cross-channel marketing and daily deals sites

There is a lot of criticism going on about the daily deals industry initiated by Groupon. To make it short it is often pointed that vendors “loose money” whether it’s true or not.

We, at we always considered ourselves as a lead generator. we drive traffic to your place and…that’s it. Bottom line. The rest belongs to the vendor. After 21 months of operation I was quite shocked to finally receive a marketing initiative by one of our recent vendor (Spa Energie Forme in Gatineau).

For the first time ever this spa took the initiative to extend relationship with clients we brought in and asked for clients address to keep in touch. It’s already difficult to get someone in and make it return than if you don’t learn about your customers you will not be able to build on that relationship.

This spa took the time to mail out postcard with a $10 rebate toward next service. They could have done the same with an email but went the extra mile with print and stamp (not sure how they track 2nd visit with rebate since there is tracking code though).

That’s a totally winning strategy and demonstrates how brick-and-mortar businesses can do multichannel marketing even after solid promotion. This way you really engage with customers and prove them they are important which is a really different approach than others (“I gave you 50% off now your turn to show me some love/$$”). We’ll see in a couple of years which one performs better.

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