Designing email for mobile: daily deal study case

Spent quite some time redesigning our email template for mobile devices. Testing can take forever in this domain. It’s really crazy than email still relies on tables to be properly rendered in the most popular email systems. One day we will leave in a world where web pages will travel across Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo services…(and dozens of others).

Litmus put together a great article presenting  the Anatomy of a Perfect Mobile Email. On we now have 14% of our users reading our daily email through a mobile device so really important to optimize the content for people on the go.

Here is the final result. The importance was to get the message about today’s deal in a snap for the eye. We think people will scan the title then make a decision so important to make it stand out. Of course you can see more, check out merchant information and read description. Even though you can click anywhere on the email to see the deal we felt it was important to keep a ‘call to action’ button.

Mobile email template