AirBnb Customer Protection Measures

A couple of months ago I mentioned how much I like AirBnb and still think it is one of the best Internet invention. However AirBnb had to deal with quite a problem a couple of weeks ago. You can read a summary here. Today AirBnb released a video to explain the changes they made to handle this type of situation but foremost to guarantee “Peace of Mind” to customers.

This was one of the best reaction out there: efficient, proactive, honest and fast. I can only imagine what they had to go through to reassure the victim but also the whole community and dealing with authorities.

With Koopon this happened once. Through our daily deals to redeem at local merchants place (Ottawa, Ontario for now) we had to deal with the reality of brick-and-mortars businesses longevity. In short, a place went under and customers were trying to place their order. We made the decision to reimburse all customers to avoid frustration but also to make it easier for us. One global message to all customers, one batch refund to close this matter as quickly as possible. Most of clients had no idea about the situation but were quite pleased to see our proactive response.