BMW Motorrad website redesign & user experience

Shopping for a motorbike I naturally ended up on BMW Das Motorrad website. The  F800R is a sweet dream however suffers from under exposition on the web. I was surprised to see that such large group would keep the web channel so far behind their stores or print material by example.

That being said, we also know that most bikers will take the opportunity to ride to their local dealership, sit on various bikes and eventually bring back a couple of brochures with them. However people will check out bikes on the web first, not in local stores (got to wait until weekend for that). User Experience may be enhanced by simple things like:High resolution pictures, captions with product options…Usability: larger font size, mobile rendering…Styling and layout: centered content, navigation elements…

I have put together a review of BMW Das Motorrad based on these aspects, wireframed a few pages, replacing elements and making suggestions so the Web channel can catch up the BMW experience and some of their competitors. This is must be considered as a side project, a quick evaluation on usability and UX. I submitted this work to BMW Motorrad a couple weeks ago and now making it public.

BMW Das Motorrad website usability report