Magazine subscription, an unchanged process for more than 30 years

I recently subscribed to the excellent Webdesign magazine (print), .Net. I have received magazines by mail for 30 years now but none in the last 10 years at least. I was surprised to see that the process has not evolved and remains archaic at a time where everyone foresee the end of print media. So after successful suscription I was told that I will receive my first issue within 6-8 weeks! It was already the case 10 years ago. In a real-time environment where it is so easy to download anything on the web it still takes forever to benefit from something you have bought. More important, what business relies on 30 years old process? Seriously, what company continues to ignore clients and not ask themselves how to deliver a better service?

I used to help businesses (hospital, government and industries) revamp their processes to fight competition so when I see this it is a non-sense to me. Editors are not responsible, but at the end and from an outsider perspective that is what one might think.