Step 3: Finding the right partners to develop YOUR site

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Here is step 3 now: How to build a platform to sell your stuff. Our experience.

Basically you have 2 options: Off the shelf products or custom solutions from scratch. We went with a mix of both as often and split up design from the core engine. We teamed up with Wearepixel8 for the design. Process went rather smoothly once we learnt how to work together.

Now, regarding the main potato aka the core technology. It didn’t go that smooth. We bought an existing solution requiring customization for the Canadian market. We picked the company behind the product to customize it. We defined the requirements, signed the contract and off we went. Bad choice. I am a big fan of freelancers marketplace like Elance, crowdspring, 99designs but decided not to do it this time. Wrong way. The rest is history now that we have the site up and running but in short and in order to avoid delays, miscommunication, poor QA we strongly suggest you hire a 3rd party to keep the money while suppliers deliver.

This is one of the most critical step in the project therefore you need to think twice before you commit to somebody and more important don’t be afraid to check for reference, talk to previous customers and  keep all in written.