Domain Name War

Okay, so I was looking for a concept that really impressed me the first time I came across. It’s a niche dedicated to Designers looking to translate Photoshop files to dynamic state-of-the-art websites. The first key players I came across a couple of years ago is named They offer one service with multiple options, great code, quick turnaround, lots of options to make your life simpler as a Designer and provides great buying experience.

So Today I was lazy to type in the URL so I googled it. I typed in PSDTOHML and got a different design from what I was expecting.  I checked the URL and noticed I had been redirected to another big guy in this market, W3 Markup.

This is a smart move to actually get “lost” customers, drain extra clients from search engines and I’m sure embarrass your competitors. Love it, but kind of feel in the same position than P2H now.