Step 2: Finding Payment Gateway in Canada

Step 1 is  here.

Finding the perfect payment gateway  is a triangular equation between: security (will my client trust it?), financial commission (how big their pie is?) and e-commerce integration (will it contribute to cart abandonment?)

Koopon targets the Canadian Market exclusively so it mades sense for us to shop local to give another level of confidence to client.  We wanted to outsource payment to a well-known bank just to get a familiar logo (TD Canada Trust, RBC, Scotia Bank, BMO…). Unfortunately you quickly realize you have just a few options available.

First of all can someone explain why pricing is never displayed. The only solution is to contact them. What’s the marketing argument behind that?

Then there is a huge gap between PayPal Pro and the rest, both from pricing and services perspective. So for us there is no question, PayPal killed the market and we’re going with them. We figured out Paypal reputation is solid enough not to scare people. Not to mention simplicity, quickness and freedom in terms of integration. Some banks have ridiculous packages with fees on top of fees.

We still don’t know what to do for hosting, kind of divided between iWeb (local player) and GoDaddy (cheaper).