Web players advertise on Canadian TV

Red Tag Vacations a travel agency takes over Expedia.ca place as Summer Commercial Blockbuster. Why did Expedia not repeat the experience this year? Red Tag is the first player taking the place left. I bet Expedia will resume this fall when people miss sumer and look for a short getaway.

Bidou.ca is the next promoting online auctions on TV.  Bidou launched recently and is most likely trying to reach out new customers. Bidou is French unilingual and focuses on Québec population first.

There are also countless players advertising on Radio to promote activity and services which leads me wonder what’s the reason to go back to “classic” media. My opinion is that e-commere remains shy in Canada therefore you need to go where your clients are to spread the word. People compare products, entertain themselves…but still prefers to buy in brick and mortar stores.

I have to keep that in mind when it will be time to communicate on a  local business operating from the web.